Faculty Quality Assurance Committee

Faculty of Graduate Studies

SL.No. Name Designation
  1 Professor Dr. Md. Abu Ashraf Khan, Dean Head
2 Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Head Member
3   Agroforestry and Environment,  Head Member
  4 Agronomy,  Head Member
  5 Agricultural Engineering,  Head Member
  6 Agro-processing,  Head Member
  7 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  Head Member
  8 Environmental Science,  Head Member
  9 Biotechnology,  Head Member
  10 Computer Science and Information Technology( CSIT ),  Head Member
  11 Crop Botany,  Head Member
  12 Entomology,  Head Member
  13 Genetics and Plant Breeding,  Head Member
  14 Horticulture,  Head Member
  15 Plant Pathology,  Head Member
  16 Soil Science,  Head Member
  17 Seed Science and Technology Unit,  Head Member

Faculty of Agriculture

SL.No. Name Designation
  1Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Rasul, Dean Head
  2Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Head Member
  3Agroforestry and Environment,  Head Member
  4Agronomy,  Head Member
  5Agricultural Engineering,  Head Member
  6Agro-processing,  Head Member
  7Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  Head Member
  8Environmental Science,  Head Member
  9Biotechnology,  Head Member
  10Computer Science and Information Technology ( CSIT ), Head Member
  11Crop Botany,  Head Member
  12Entomology,  Head Member
  13Genetics and Plant Breeding,  Head Member
  14Horticulture,  Head Member
  15Plant Pathology,  Head Member
  16Soil Science,  Head Member
  17Seed Science and Technology Unit,  Head Member

Faculty of Fisheries

SL.No. Name Designation
1.   Prof. Dr. Nargis Sultana Head
2. Department of Aquaculture Member
3. Fisheries Biology and Aquatic Environment Member
4. Fisheries Management Member
5. Fisheries Technology Member
6. Genetics and Fish Breeding Member

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

SL.No. Name Designation
  1 Prof. Dr. Shilpi Islam Head
2 Department of Anatomy & Histology Member
3 Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics Member
4 Department of Animal Science & Nutrition Member
5 Department of Dairy & Poultry Science Member
6 Department of Gynecology & Reproductive Health Member
7Department of Medicine Member
8 Department of Micro-biology & Public Health Member
9 Department of Pathology Member
10 Department of Physiology & Pharmacology Member
11 Department of Surgery & Radiology Member

Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

S L.No. Name Designation
1. Prof. Dr. M Kamruzzaman   Head
2. Department of Agricultural Economics Member
3. Department of Agribusiness Member
4. Department of Agricultural Finance & Cooperatives Member
5. Department of Rural Development Member
6. Department of Statistics Member