Message from the Director


Being a part of higher education system in a developing nation like Bangladesh, it is an urgent need to create a system that commits to bring benefits of education to society and nation. In view of achieving the “excellence” in higher education, UGC-HEQEP have launched the concept of setting an Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the university to build a sustainable quality benchmark for various academic and administrative activities. The IQAC enables us to realize our strengths vis-à-vis the shortfalls. It is an utmost need to further identify our weakness, which will help in ameliorating those problems and thereby will enhance to achieve the goals of the university. The IQAC enables to fulfill the objectives by constantly evaluating performance, accrediting the quality of education and upgrading the benchmark to scale up the standard of education. We are dedicated toward building an environment of learning with an outstanding infrastructure, dissemination of knowledge using upgraded technology and carefully designed curriculum taught by the faculty members.

The IQAC is responsible for coordinating and carrying out the quality assurance activities of the BSMRAU, promoting and sharing good practices, facilitation of external quality assessment and liaising with the Strategic Planning & Quality Assurance (SPQA) Division, UGC.  The IQAC will continue to give guidance and assistance to BSMRAU continuously the improvement the quality and standard of all its provisions.